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Founded on June 27, 2017, Hyprotech Corp is a company that consists of highly skilled professionals who specialize in technology and carry a vast experience on integrating new technology into both complex and non-complex IT environments.

Our team is not only dedicated to bringing in new technology to life but also to introduce it to all of our staff, so all of us get to learn and stay abreast of the latest innovations and techniques.

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Mission and Vision

Our aim is to keep you on the cutting edge of technology. We want to help business owners manage information technology (IT) operations efficiently using our guiding principle, “Technology for Life.”

Each of our staff members and executives has complete access to new and old technologies out there, but we are likewise committed to perfecting the new ones as we go along.


Apart from providing new technology to our clientele, we are committed to assisting them in integrating any IT infrastructure to their business, regardless of its size. We can virtualize and provide top-notch IT topology and design to make your data center more functional and efficient. Moreover, we can introduce cloud service on-premise to your business operations.

Hyprotech is proud to Announce that Starting in November of 2018 Hyprotech will open there Doors in the Heart of Newyork Leading by Miss Pamela.


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